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What is Jack's Death Knife? You ask. Wellhell I'll tell's ya. It's me and my horror Rocks and a Rollhoho.

I won't win any American ijets contests cause I aint no singer so to say, but a horror/rock and roller on the guitar and bass. Sometimes serious sometimes cheesy, But then again I have a song called Rats and Rats LOVE cheese.

Here's some mp3rs below yall.
Don't U Worry
Jack's Death Knife
Vampires Roam
Zombies Ate
Super Hero
Metal Man
Demon Dogs
Takin a Ride
Mummy's Tomb
Baby Evil

Who's There New short one!

Johnny Rockslide New also

Johnny Zombie!

In 2007 I entered a short movie called Carpet, in the Fright Night 7 day Film Festival,I didn't win any awards, but then again I think it turned out pretty well for just 7 days and a slow computer. I was the sole cameraman, editor, director, sound guy etc. except for my actors. Mike contributed some good ideas while we were taping his part also. Thanks Mike!!


This is pretty much the same as when I entered the movie in the film fest, except I shortened it slightly and edited the sound to remove a couple "potty mouth" words. I believe if I had more people, more time, more money it could have been better but I enjoyed making it and watching it.The requirements for the movie were: 1 Use the company name "Romero". 2 Use the name "Crystal Lake" 3 Use a chainsaw 4 Blond haired lady 5 Use the name "Haddenfield" They do this so that you have to make your movie in 7 days.

This is a disc golf/horror short me and Mike Sanders made,that I just edited some more on. The sound is sketchy, because we only used camcorder sound.But I think its pretty cool, check it out!


zombees 2

zombees 3

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